About us

“Meze Meze” Restauant is a hidden gem for the area of Finikia. It was an idea of Spiros and Irinikos Pagoni brothers who, in 2016, wanted to create a space of unique flavors in their traditional family home.
Finikia is considered one of the most beautiful Mediterranean villages. It is built on the northwest side of the island, very close to Oia village. A walk around the streets of the settlement is a truly unique experience. Colors dominate here. White blends harmoniously with all colors creating a sharp contrast.

In one of these picturesque alleys you will find “Meze Meze” restaurant, offering panoramic views of the Oia sunset.
The owner and chef of the restaurant, Spyros Pagonis, takes care all dishes from the beginning to the last detail, creating unique flavors. The combination of traditional elements with the latest trends in gastronomy is what makes many of the visitors turn into frequenters.
The excellent service and the friendly staff of “Meze Meze” complete this perfect scenery and win from the first visit, those who choose it to relax.
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