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Το εστιατόριο «Μεζέ Μεζέ» είναι ένα κρυμμένο στολίδι για την περιοχή της Φοινικιάς.
Αποτελεί ιδέα των αδερφών Σπύρου και Ειρηνικού Παγώνη, οι οποίοι, το 2016, θέλησαν να δημιουργήσουν έναν χώρο μοναδικών γεύσεων στην παραδοσιακή κατοικία της οικογένειας.


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Simply Perfect...One of the most understated yet simply perfect restaurants I've visited. Perfect vantage point for amazing sunsets, friendly and attentive staff, and really good food and drink..!!
Service was ok, but the food was amazingly priced & great tasting!! After being in Greece for a while from the states I wanted something normal to our tast and Meze had a tasty option for everyone!!
A hidden gem away from the touristy restaurants in Oia. Their greek pastry dessert was so delicious the best ive has in Greece so far! The service was excellent as well.